International Grand Barista Championship
Danes Grand Barista Champions

International Grand Latte Art Championships

2016 Meg Loudon
2015 Sam Taylor

Grand Barista Championships

2013 ‘Gigi’ Benyapa Naowan
2012 Paul Asquith
2011 Sasa Sestic
2010 Alex Stathis
2009 Jesse Hyde
2008 Habib Maarbani
2005 Cassie-Anne Lawry
2004 Dominick Majdandzic
2003 Alex Klum
2002 Jai Gabbard
2001 Maico LaPenna

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About the GBC

Care, attention, intention and passion. There's a coffee maker, then there's a barista - just like the difference between a cook and a chef.

Paul Jackson
Danes Gourmet Coffee