International Grand Latte Art Championship

The 2016 International Grand Latte Art Championship was held on Friday 19 August 2016.

Congratulations to the 2016 IGLAC champion Meg Loudon and the finalists.

The results were:

  • 1st Meg Loudon
  • 2nd Zhao Ting Wu
  • 3rd Man Kit Wong
  •  Spectators' choice was Zhao Ting Wu

Full details will be published this week.

IGLAC 2016 Winne Meg Loudon


International Grand Latte Art Championship

Held Friday 19 August 2016 - Victoria Bar & Grill Chatswood

In 2001, the region’s premier barista competition, the Danes Grand Barista Championship, was created by Danes Specialty Coffee Managing Director Paul Jackson. The dream was a lofty one; to bring together Australia’s top baristas under one roof to compete for the title of best barista and the richest prize pool of that time in the world! In doing so, the bar of coffee standards would be raised forever and baristas would receive due recognition for their contribution to Australian coffee culture. The time had come for the ‘barista’ to be recognized as a true profession. We are now seeing the fruit of this barista development in today’s coffee culture all over the world.

Since its beginnings, the GBC has welcomed over 1,000 competitors keen to claim the title. It has provided a platform for Australian, Hong Kong, Thailand baristas to showcase their skills in front of industry experts and has also been a place for sharing expertise and knowledge. Through this proud heritage, the Championship has contributed to the increase in Specialty Coffee standards across Australia, the region and the world.

Competitors are judged by a carefully selected panel of industry professionals, Champion Baristas and coffee roasters. Baristas are assessed on most importantly taste and variables such as presentation, technique, cleanliness, efficiency and productivity. 

In 2011, the GBC international final was held outside of Australia for the first time in Bangkok Thailand. The eventual winner of the 2011 GBC was Sasa Sestic of Australia who went on to become the 2015 WBC champion. In 2011 (HK local competition) 2013 and 2015 the GBC was held as part of HOFEX in Hong Kong.

As coffee culture grows and thrives in Australia and around the world, the GBC is proud to have created a competitive arena for professionals to measure their skills against others. The event has followed and contributed to the incredible rise in barista talent and standards. It has resulted in increased recognition of the art and skill of coffee-making and has assisted in establishing a Specialty Coffee industry in Australia and Hong Kong.

In 2015 the creators of GBC were proud to introduce the inaugural International Grand Latte Art Championship to be hosted in Sydney on the 7th August 2015. The new Championship along with its sponsors are committed to hosting the event with an exciting and intense new format for the next three years. The competition is an open event and all are welcome.


Danes Grand Barista Champions

International Grand Latte Art Championships

2016 Meg Loudon
2015 Sam Taylor

Grand Barista Championships

2013 ‘Gigi’ Benyapa Naowan
2012 Paul Asquith
2011 Sasa Sestic
2010 Alex Stathis
2009 Jesse Hyde
2008 Habib Maarbani
2005 Cassie-Anne Lawry
2004 Dominick Majdandzic
2003 Alex Klum
2002 Jai Gabbard
2001 Maico LaPenna

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About the GBC

Coffee is more chemically complex than any other drink in the world.

Paul Jackson
Danes Gourmet Coffee